Carolina Card Cardholder Agreement

There is no fee for the reproduction of cards that need to be exchanged due to normal wear and tear and/or when the magnetic stripe no longer works due to the quality of the card. Damages are assessed when the card is presented for replacement, and it is left to the discretion of the CarolinaCard office and its management when a fee is collected. University students will receive a CarolinaCard at the University Public Safety during regular business hours. Your first card is issued free of charge; There is a $25 fee to replace lost, stolen or damaged cards. If you replace a card, previously issued cards will not be valid and cannot be reactivated. Please bring a photo ID, such as a driver`s license, military ID card or passport, to verify your identity when you receive your CarolinaCard. The first student card is issued free of charge. If the card is lost, stolen or confiscated or terminated, a replacement fee of USD 25 will be automatically charged when a new card is issued. If the ID card contains a meal plan, the student must immediately contact Dining Services.

Save time to get your CarolinaCard by using CarolinaCard Online to upload your photo and accept our online cardholder agreement. You will be notified if your ID card can be picked up at Russell House. If you wish to have your photograph taken at Russell House, your ID card is made while waiting. If you do not report account statement errors to the CarolinaCard office within 60 days of making your account statement available, you will not be reimbursed if it can be proven that reporting the errors in a timely manner would have prevented someone else from transacting with your card. The CarolinaCard is your official USC Aiken badge and can be used flexibly and a decreasing credit card. It can be used just about anywhere! Use it at the bookstore, any food place on campus, campus vending machines and convocation center concession booths. If you venture to other USC campuses, the CarolinaCard also works there. At least 30 days before the effective date of a change to the Terms and Conditions, the University must send written notice by mail, email or whether the change would result in an increase in fees or charges or an increase in the Cardholder`s liability. Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately via the CarolinaCard website, available 24 hours a day at After notification, your CarolinaCard is blocked and prevents unauthorized use.

If a receipt or activity clip is defective or the cardholder wishes to obtain more information about a specific transaction, the CarolinaCard office can be contacted by phone at 803-777-1708 or by mail within 60 days of finding the error. The CarolinaCard is your official identity card. It is not transferable to another person and must be returned upon request. The misuse of cards can have negative effects both for students and for the institution in general. If you require us to disclose information to third parties, you waive your right to secrecy only for CarolinaCard account information and only for the person indicated. The authorization expires when the card is no longer valid, or at your request, depending on what happens first. Become the ultimate fans with your team`s prepaid Fancard Mastercard®. Earn fan points by using your fancard and redeeming those points for tickets, equipment and more! Your UofSC id gives you access to apartments, car parks and buildings around the campus. Your first card will be issued free of charge. There is a $35.00 fee to replace a lost, damaged or stolen Caroline card. Your first card is issued free of charge; There is a $25 fee to replace lost, stolen or damaged cards.

Reading and accepting this agreement is one of the first steps you need to take to get your CarolinaCard. Students are expected to protect their card and comply with all conditions related to the use of the CarolinaCard as a student identification, as in The Carolina Community student manual.