Beer Store Agreement

The government on Monday introduced legislation that would terminate a 10-year contract with The Beer Store signed by the previous Liberal government. The agreement expanded the sale of beer and wine to hundreds of grocery stores. Another 87 grocery stores are licensed to sell alcohol starting in September, bringing the total to 450 across the province. But the beer giants already intend to defend themselves. The agreement states that the province would ensure that beer is not authorized for sale or distribution in Ontario, except through the Beer Store, the LCBO, stores operated by breweries or duty-free stores. TORONTO – The progressive Conservative government intends to snatch a deal with The Beer Store to allow beer and wine to be sold in grocery stores, but employees of the liquor retailer warn that the move will be expensive. As part of the Wynne deal, the Beer Store saw its monopoly protected until 2025, in exchange for the fact that the sale of individual boxes and six-packs in up to 450 grocery stores was allowed at prices it set and only at the same operating hours as its own retail businesses. If you wanted to buy a 24-case, you always had to find a beer store. The Progressive Conservative government announced Thursday that it will increase sales by combining the approval of more LCBO agencies in underserved areas with the authorization to sell more grocery stores. The number of LCBO branches in underserved areas, renamed LCBO Convenience Outlets, will increase to 60 in August and 200 by spring 2020. Hughes swears that beer sales reform will „liberate“ the market for small craft businesses, which he says are a cornerstone of Ontario`s identity.

Ontario is expanding the sale of beer, wine and cider to nearly 300 more stores this summer, as part of Premier Doug Ford`s initiative to liberalize spirits rules in the province. „The Beer Store believes in the sanctity of legal agreements. Companies must be able to rely on the applicability of the legal treaties they conclude, including and in particular with governments,“ Angelakos said. The company believes there is a „mutually acceptable“ way to accelerate the establishment of new beer retail sites in Ontario by changing the current agreement, it said in a statement. The Beer Store and its union have launched a public relations campaign to defend against beer in grocery stores, with brewers saying they are keeping prices low with their distribution system, and the union is launching ads that warn that cancelling the Beer Store deal could cost taxpayers dearly. In 2015, the Ontario government reached an agreement with the Beer Store to enter into a new framework agreement for the sale of beers in Ontario until 2026. This agreement extends ownership of The Beer Store to all Ontario breweries, large and small; provides small breweries with a greater chance of gaining market share through dedicated shelf space and increased marketing opportunities for operations; expanding the sale of beer to 450 grocery stores; preserves the right of brewers to actively compete with each other by setting their own prices for their products and ensures that the Beer Store continues to operate on a cash-break-even basis. .