Affiliate Partnership Agreement

During your experience as an ActiveCampaign partner, we will send you updates on the latest enhancements to our services as well as information about service updates to help potential subscribers choose our service. As your performance grows as an affiliate, ActiveCampaign offers additional materials and incentives that will help you continue to grow. ActiveCampaign provides affiliates with a commission based on the steps determined by the monthly recurring revenue (MRR) of the currently active accounts they transferred at the time of billing. If your MRR increases from active accounts, the commission you receive from each settlement also increases. We may at any time revise or change our pricing and commission structure at our discretion. If you fall into two different steps, you get the level that offers a higher commission. • New affiliates start at Silver Tier • Gold Tier: $500 in active MRO or $100 in MRR from new accounts that have been expelled in the last three months • Platinum Animal: $2,000 in active MRR or $500 in MRR from new accounts that have been expelled in the last three months. The agreement is a contract between the two parties. It sets out the terms and conditions, including the commission on subsequent sales, placement and maintenance of links, and allows the parties to ensure that the affiliate behaves responsibly and fairly by increasing traffic to the merchant`s website.

There is a consignment contract when a company or individual wants to designate a seller for their product. The agreement states that the owner of the product does not lose ownership or intellectual property rights of the product. Unlike a supplier agreement, the recipient keeps inventory of products until they are sold. The beneficiary receives payment after the sale of the goods described in the agreement. In addition to the initial remuneration, the affiliation agreement often contains conditions specifying when the commission structure can be renegotiated or modified by one of the parties. The company itself may reserve the right to regularly change the commission structure on the basis of the performance of its business and the performance of the related business itself. Where the undertaking introduces new products or services which are not initially covered by the Partnership Agreement, it may include a clause in the Agreement allowing it to update the Agreement to include adequate remuneration and consideration for those new products. To you: Your address, as indicated in our affiliate account information for you. 11.1. The Affiliate exempts, stores and defends the Term Accommodation, its successors, licensees and assignees, as well as the foregoing`s senior officers, directors, employees and representatives, from any and all claims, claims, losses, expenses, expenses (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys` fees), damages or recoveries (including, but not limited to, the amount paid in comparison) its successors, licensees and assignees as a result of the breach or alleged breach of any provision or condition of this Agreement or any warranty, understanding, insurance, agreement or certification that has been or has been entered into by or under the Affiliate. As an Authorized Participant in the Brian Tracy Affiliate Partner Program, you may earn commissions on Affiliate Services in accordance with this Section 4. BTI may modify or terminate the provisions of this Section 4 at any time and in Brian Tracy`s sole discretion.

We expect partners to act as advocates and ambassadors for the ActiveCampaign brand. This implies that we understand and know how our services work. Affiliates must abide by the brand`s use policies, which include the proper use of ActiveCampaign and the appropriate display of brand logos. Customer service is one of our top priorities. In this sense, there are a number of rules that every affiliate must follow, as explained in the following legal terms….