Tree Removal Agreement

The client ensures that all trees, plant materials and land on which the work is to be carried out belong to him or that the work authorization has been obtained from the owner. Acme Tree Service, Inc. must be kept free of all claims arising from the Customer`s non-issuance of such authorization. The first page of this simple contract describes the work to be done and may include options if the arboreal service provides other methods for the work they propose. It also contains your permission signature, which is your consent for the tree department to do the work as described above. Below is an example of a moving contract for tree services. This standard contract covers work on a tree that is dangerous and therefore wishes to be removed (or at least on a large scale) from the customer. If the work is less dramatic and the tree is safe – z.B for a simple pruning – a typical contract is generally less detailed. Note that the following example should only be considered as an example and should not be used as a formal and binding legal document. A real employment contract should be executed by a lawyer. This example, however, gives you an idea of what your contract should cover when you purchase arboreal services.

Most professional tree service companies have the contract models they use to write offers and to guarantee work authorization. Be careful with any company that does not use a contractual agreement. The remoteness of construction is an important work that should never be carried out on the basis of handshake agreements. The language actually used may vary from contract to contract, but details must contain all elements of the next sample. You or your solicitor can negotiate or clarify certain points of the contract; this is what is expected and serious tree services have experience in negotiating the wording and terms of a contract. The distance from the stump. Grind Stumpf 6-8 inches below quality – $290.00. The arboriculture of ornamental and shaded trees is carried out by Acme Tree Service certified arborists. Acme Tree Service is fully insured and all workers are insured by work allowance, property damage, public liability and comprehensive corporate insurance.

Removing or cutting larger ones on a large landscaped tree is not an easy task, which is why most homeowners hire a professional tree service for such jobs. You must have a detailed contract that requires the work to be done, the terms of payment and all liability issues, including insurance coverage. Work crews must arrive at the site without notice, unless otherwise stated. Acme Tree Service, Inc. will strive to comply with all performance data, but will not be liable for damage caused by delays due to bad weather or other causes beyond our control. Remove a lower end that extends over the neighbour`s house. Put the limbs on the hull. Buck up 18-inch-longer wood – $395.00. Acme Tree Service, Inc.

is insured for the violation of persons or property, and all employees are covered by the work allowance insurance. Remove the eastern white pine from the left side of the driveway. Clear all wood and brush. Cut the trunk as deep as possible on the floor – $1885.00. All jobs are performed professionally by experienced staff, equipped with the appropriate tools and equipment to complete the job properly.