Service Canada Online Agreement

A service contract can protect a service provider in a variety of ways. To enter into a service contract, a service provider must note: To register, you are asked to choose between 2 registration methods, Demonator-Partner or GCKey. Whether you`re connecting with a registration partner or GCKey, Service Canada will not provide personal data during your login process. Similarly, Service Canada will not provide personal data about the government services you have provided to your financial institution. On this page, you can see the latest agreement accepted by the organization. The agreement specifies the terms of use to which the organization is subject while using the ROE web application. If your service provider does not have a service contract, you can present a service contract as a customer to avoid future complications that may arise due to the lack of formal agreement. 13.2 Notwithstanding all the information provided in this Agreement, the Commission`s maximum overall liability to the account holder in accordance with this Agreement or to a third party who reasonably uses web ROE or who relies on WEB ROE must not exceed $50,000.00 by arbitration, judgment or negotiated settlement, even if the Commission has been informed of the possibility of such harm. , or for third-party claims, contractors, suppliers, representatives, workers or Commission representatives are still responsible for this responsibility.

This section applies independently of whether or not the liability is motivated by an unlawful act (including negligence), a contract (including a violation of fundamental trading conditions, a fundamental violation of this Agreement), criminally or not for any other means. After you have successfully created your ROE web profile, you will receive a user reference number. The user`s reference number is a unique number assigned to each user of the ROE web. This number can be useful for clearly identifying a user online or over the phone. Ask for a passport, processing times, places of service, and find out what to do if your passport is lost, stolen or damaged. Service Canada provides Canadians with a single point of access to a wide range of government services and benefits. SecureKey Technologies Inc. is under contract with the Canadian government to provide a credential brokerage service called SecureKey Concierge.

This service allows you to access ROE Web with your existing user ID and password or „Log information“ that you may have with one of the login partners. The ROE web agreement (`agreement`) governs the terms of access of the account holder to the ROE web service through its users for the completion and transmission of electronic employment documents („ROEs“) to the Canadian Employment Insurance Commission. The whole agreement must be read carefully. Proof of identity with one of the following disclaimers (or similar language) is not acceptable for the purposes of authenticating your identity for Service Canada programs and services: A service contract, also known as a consulting contract or service contract, is a document used to define the terms of a business relationship between a service provider and a customer. The account holder cannot give up all or part of this agreement. The Commission may cede part or all of this agreement and allocate some or all of its services, including those relating to ROE Web. Once your authority to act as a primary agent on behalf of the organization has been confirmed, you must accept the ROE web agreement on behalf of the organization in order to begin creating and sending ROE transactions to Service Canada for your organization.